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This is hilarious…

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Happy Monday!! Check out my latest instructional video :)

toniangelougiovannihughes asked: Pt. 1 I used to do Crossfit and it was probably the worst decision I've made(speaking only for myself). I was soing too much too fast. After getting out of PT for my knee my muscles are really tight and my cardio is poor. I love fitness but...

Check out my myofascial release videos on youtube to restore range of motion. Start with basic bodyweight exercises and advance to weights once you have gained some strength :)  

onmywaytotrain asked: Wow. Hi Kai. I just recently came across your youtube page . I was searching for core strength. Your videos is down right to the T. Thank you so much for all this free information. I am trying to build myself up to do deadlifts/squats. Thankyou 👍👍

Glad you find the videos helpful! Happy to share the information!! :)

venusmademe asked: You got some nice ass abs, you do a lot of crunches?

Thanks! Actually I don’t do any crunches. I do full body workouts and I eat a clean diet!

Cheeese tbt #throwbackthursday #tbt #lookwhatifound #cheese
That terrifying moment right before bed when you notice a spider on the wall, run to get magazine, and carefully aim only to miss. As I watch the spider scurry away into some crevice I am thinking “great, this must mean there are hundreds of them” 

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Push Up Bird Dog
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Grab your resistance band and try these Fun-ctional resistance band exercises!

I dont typically eat rice but when I do sushi is involved :) #loveboatsushi #sushi #instafood #picsoffood #ilovesushi
My flexibility at 1 :) #tbt #throwbackthursday #rom #flexibility #strollerlife #lookwhatifound #memorylane
Quality roll out session. My legs feel like new! #mfr #myofascialrelease #embracethepain #feelinbrandnew #triggerpointtherapy #selfreleasetechnique